Job Status Report

Bond Number:

We are the bonding company for the above and we would appreciate your cooperation
providing the following information:
1.  Original contract price:
2. Contract price with change orders:
3. The amount of current retainage, if any:
4. Scope of any projects change orders and extras:
5. Estimated percentage completed:
6. Estimated percentage determination date:
7. Date completed:
8. Are they working on schedule?
9. To date, have liens, notices to owners, or complaints been filed against the above?
10. Provide close out documentation for any completed projects by emailing this link:
11. Provide details on any prior or pending claims to include those from vendors and suppliers:

The Service Insurance Company, Inc.

(used in CT, GA, KY, MD, MA, MS, MT, NH,

NJ, NY, PA, RI, TN & WV) 

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DBA Service Guarantee and Surety

Company in AL, DE, FL, NC, SC, VA

and the District of Columbia.

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