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Contractor, Bid & Performance Bond

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Bid and Performance, Payment and

Maintenance Bonds

Demolition Bonds

Janitorial Services Bonds

General Contractors and Trade Contractors Bonds

Electrical contractors

Plumbing Contractors

HVAC Contractors

Supply Contract Bonds

Transportation including School Bus Contract Bonds

Technology and Media Services Bonds

Trucking and Waste Hauling Bonds

Site Contractors

Roofing Contractors

Concrete and Curb Contractor

Paving Contractors

Contractor Bond Services:

Service Insurance Company provides customized underwriting services for contractors looking for surety bonds. 


In addition to bid and performance bonds, we can also provide the necessary commercial bonds for our contractor clients.


We recognize that smaller, family-owned or single-trade contractors with infrequent bonding needs may require a personalized underlining approach.  

We understand that certified CPA financial statements can be

costly & difficult for contractors and other insureds to obtain, and that strict credit scoring and minimum net worth requirements may not tell the complete story. So, we  take a holistic approach when evaluating a bonding line.

Unlike many publicly-traded bonding companies that underwrite based solely on credit scores and minimum net worth requirements, Service takes a customized approach to underwriting and considers broader factors such as management’s experience, performance history, company longevity, and the project’s scope & complexity when evaluating a bonding line.



(877) 328-1230 



New Jersey

80 Main Street, Suite 330

West Orange, New Jersey 07052

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New York

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Melville, New York 11747

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